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At Strong Image Editing, we provide a variety of services for authors.  If you are interested, please fill out the contact information below.  Please give a brief summary of your project needs, time frame you need it done in and a little bit of information about yourself,  and the project you would like to commission the artwork for.

Cover Design

Standard pricing is $349 for a professionaly designed custom ebook/print book cover that includes a 3D graphic for promos and unlimited changes. Variations on this package can be negotiated via email correspondence.  Each project is given individual time and attention.

Interior Design

Interior formatting starts at $149 for a basic ebook to $449 for an all custom ebook and print package. Included in each package: up to two chapter headings and scene breaks. Extra headings will cost $69 each. Extra scene breaks will cost $24 each. The ebook images will match the paperback images. Ebook files will be epubs. File formats will include one epub for Amazon, and one epub for Nook, iBook and Kobo (other retailers). These prices are for fiction books only; 100k words and below. Any amount over 100k will be an extra $10/10k, rounded up to the nearest 10k. Non-fiction books will be priced according to length and graphics.


“Marya’s repertoire of covers continues to impress me! Each is unique and well suited for the individual books. As an author, I am in love with my cover and appreciate Marya’s insight, as well as her encouragement to keep me involved in the process.”

Erica Keifer

“She listened to my suggestions and took my ideas on board. I was very adamant that the girl on the cover really reflected Rosa’s character. She had to be mixed race with a little bit of attitude and an intensity to her. I was blown away by the image she chose. It was perfect.”

Lauren Niccole Taylor

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an ebook designed now and come back later to get the print done?

Yes! The questionair you’ll fill out for each new title has a space for the print information, but if you aren’t ready for that yet that’s perfectly ok.  Depending on your package the print version is either included and you’ll pay for that up front or you can buy ebook only and come back at a later time to have your print designed for an additional charge.

Can I add a print version to a premade design?

Of course! The full wrap can be added to any premade at any time for an additional fee. Some premade packages come with the print design though, and in that case there would be no additional cost.

How do you get my information for my cover? What do you use for inspiration? Will you read my book?

Once we’ve got a signed contract we will send you a questionaire that will ask you all the important questions. It goes over the basics like title and author name as well as all the print information. But it aslo asks you to give examples of your favorite covers, any important objects in your story, what the main characters look like, and things like that. We would love to read every book that we cover, but unfortunately we don’t have that kind of time!

Do you have a contract?

We do! Once you contact us and express an interest in our services we will send out the contract. You will have time to review the terms and ask any questions you may have befire signing.

I love that premade design, but I don’t do zombies. Can I change that out?

Yes! Included in the price of a premade is a simple swapout of the title/name/series/tagline of your book. But if there are elements to your book that don’t quite work with the rest of the premade we can work out those details for an additional fee. Usually that fee will be minimal but it depends on how complex your request is. Switching out a zombie for a warewolf would be around $50, as an example. And the total cost will not exceed my full custom cover price of $349.

I still have some questions that aren’t covered here, what do I do?

Simply fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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