Are you an author and want a book cover? Do you want to order swag for work already done?

At Strong Image Editing, we provide a variety of services for authors.  If you are interested, please fill out the contact information below.  Please give a brief summary of your project needs, time frame you need it done in and a little bit of information about yourself,  and the project you would like to commission the artwork for.

Standard pricing is $349 for a professionaly designed custom ebook/print book cover that includes a 3D graphic for promos and unlimited changes. Variations on this package can be negotiated via email correspondence.  Each project is given individual time and attention.

Premade covers vary in price depending on the complexity of the design. They start at $84 and go to $149 per cover. We also do some premade series covers that start at $299 for a 3 book set. Please see our ‘Shop Premades’ page to view our current collection. Each premade will only be sold once. Changes to text are included in the list price and any other changes can be negotiated based on how long it will take to make the specified changes.

Additional marketing materials, author branding, audio book design, and any other design work starts at $24 and can be negotiated depending on your project and the quantity of items needed.

Interior formatting starts at $149 for a basic ebook to $449 for an all custom ebook and print package. Included in each package: up to two chapter headings and scene breaks. Extra headings will cost $69 each. Extra scene breaks will cost $24 each. The ebook images will match the paperback images. Ebook files will be epubs. File formats will include one epub for Amazon, and one epub for Nook, iBook and Kobo (other retailers). These prices are for fiction books only; 100k words and below. Any amount over 100k will be an extra $10/10k, rounded up to the nearest 10k. Non-fiction books will be priced according to length and graphics.

Premade interiors are $89 up to 100k words. Any amount over 100k will be an extra $5/10k, rounded up to the nearest 10k. Changes will only be made to the type. If you would like any additional changes to the interior design that can be negotiated based on what you want done and how long it will take to do it.

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